About Leissa

I recently finished a wonderful long 40 year career as a mortgage professional.  It has been an adjustment, to say the least.  I don’t miss the high pressure deadlines; the constant changes to rules, regulations and loan programs; nor am I missing the scramble at year end to get all my continuing education hours for my loan officer license.

BUT… here’s what I do miss.  I miss that awesome feeling and satisfaction from helping someone who never thought they could buy a home – get the keys!  I miss the challenge of taking a complicated situation; solving the inherent problems and getting that loan approved!

The reason that I launched Home Loan Teacher was to be able to continue making an impact for the home buyer who is seeking a mortgage to purchase their first - or next - home. One of the best parts of my former job was to put my clients at ease and reduce their anxiety or nervousness about getting approved for a mortgage.  And, I love to teach!  Home Loan Teacher has given me a platform from which to do what I love best and hopefully make a positive impact on future homeowners.



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