First 5 Steps To Buying A Home

Unless you are fortunate enough to have that proverbial "rich uncle" with spare cash to give you; you will need to get a mortgage.

Reality is that we often end up paying more money over time for the mortgage; then we do for the actual house!  That means getting the best mortgage you can is super important.

This online course was designed to help you get prepared BEFORE you talk to your Lender or Realtor.  These 5 Steps are your First Steps!

Step 1: What YOU can afford is more important than what a lender may tell you.

You may "qualify" for a higher loan amount; but can you easily make those payments?  Just because a lender says you are approved for a certain amount; does not mean it is right for you. Do you know what you can afford?

Step 2: How much cash do you really need?

Is a 20% down payment necessary?   Find out the money you may have to pay up front. Is it refundable if the deal does not go through?   Other than savings; what are other acceptable sources for down payments?

Step 3:  Why getting the best credit score you can BEFORE you see a Lender is so important.

Credit scores are generated every time your credit history is pulled.  It's a snapshot of that moment in time.  That "moment" will dictate your interest rate, loan fees, eligible loan programs and more!

Step 4:  Make sure you have the documents your Lender needs to review.

Learn what documents are mandatory for a pre-approval and when to offer documents to your lender.  Not all documents are required for a loan.  When to be cautious in offering documents before asked by Lender.  (Hint:  Once the lender sees a document - they can't "un-see" it and it may complicate your deal.)

Step 5: The importance of getting the right loan officer, lender and Realtor on your team.

You are going to spend a lot of time with these folks.  Your loan officer can make or break your deal.  Learn how to spot the good ones and which ones to avoid.

Easy To Understand Basics

This course was designed to give you practical easy to follow steps. It truly could save you thousands of dollars when buying a home. Everyone wants the best deal they can get - right? Learn how to do this for yourself. Meet your lender & Realtor with confidence!


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