5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Credit Score NOW

Your credit score will affect  what interest rate you qualify for; what loan fees you will pay; what your mortgage insurance premiums will be and even if your loan is approved at all.

You must improve your score BEFORE you see a lender. Once the lender pulls your credit report; the credit score on the report is what they will use....Period!

This easy to follow guide can literally save you thousands of dollars over time on your home purchase.


Credit Cards - The Good, Bad & The Ugly!

What is the ratio of balnce vs limit that helps your credit score? Should you close old unused accounts? Is it okay to be an authorized user on someone else's account?

Tax Liens & Judgments - What To Do?

Should you pay them off now or later? What if your partner or spouse has a judgment or tax lien and they are not on the loan - what happens if you put them on the title to the home?


Do you have unpaid collections?  It is good to pay them off before you get a house or after?  What happens if you don't know you have collection and it shows up on the lender's report?

Get Started Today

Improving your credit score does not need to be complicated but it can take some time. Best decision you can make is to start now by purchasing this book. It's a very small investment that could save you thousands of dollars!


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